Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something Different.

I like various types of music, from Beethoven to Bon Jovi, and from Willie Nelson  to Weird Al. One day I was thinking I would like to hear some good bag pipe music, but some a little different than Amazing Grace (which is an awesome song). That got the Mad in the Mad hatter going "I wonder if there is heavy metal bag pipes" sure enough the Matrix... err the Internet did not fail me.

Skiltron is an Argentine heavy metal Celtic band (Sounds like something Douglas Adams would have come up with). Most of their songs are reminiscent of old battle songs and poems from the middle ages but played to the sound of electric guitars and bag pipes. Best part for me is they tend to stay away from the screaming that many bands indulge way to much in at times.

Until Madness strikes again,



  1. Madhat, where do I start. Argentine ... really? Hey "Dude" I'm a country western guy now, but I used to love Jimi Hendricks. Heavy Metal and Punk leave me cold however. But, did you know I "Dig" this band, and my son, who is a drummer in two punk bands, will love this too.

    Your closing sentence is priceless! "Until Madness strikes again" .....

  2. Leather does make a good looking kilt.

  3. Odie, I love country music too. To be honest I am not much into most metal, but there are some songs I do like. I am glad that you like this band, as I thought they were both talented, and some what unique.

    Tell your son to keep rocking on, I wish I had the talent to play music, but the few times I tried learning an instrument I realized that for the good of the musical arts, that I should stick to listening :)

  4. Supi, Leather would do well for a kilt, but I take it most Scots are traditionalist in that regard so that is why wool is mostly used.