Saturday, September 10, 2011

Red White and Blue

10 years ago, the world changed forever. I remember that moment I first heard very clearly. It was 10:00 am my time, starting of Bible class (I went to a religious school) and our instructor, who was part time so he arrived later to the school then the students and  had watched the news that morning. He told us that some planes had hit the world trade center buildings. Nothing at the time we could do other than pray and continue with class. The school had not been set up with external TV or radios so the full effect of what happen did not hit until I got home.

My world changed, as everyone's did. The days after, we saw who our allies were, as they joined us in the mourning of the dead, and aided us in the search for those who had planned this. We saw who our enemies were, as film showed those people cheering. We saw who the heroes were, as people every where that could go to ground zero to help look for the hurt, and the dead. We saw the face of evil, as he made his tapes every few months as we hounded him for 10 years.

Ten years is a short time really, in the whole scope of things, but many people have forgotten already. Not your average American, who works hard at whatever job he or she does, because hatred and evil became something that came out and touch people, just like them... not our boys in uniform, who put up with sand and shit in places most people can't find on a map, and face disservice from from the politicians, and the media here.

But Washington has forgotten I think. They seem to forget a lot these days from what I see. They tie the hands of our soldiers in the name of political correctness, they chastize and put on trial soldiers who did their job, but were a "little rough" with prisoners while our service men are tortured and beheaded by the same enemy they man handle, and the budget for the service keeps getting cut while these same politicians raise their own pay, destroy our rights and spend billions on stuff that hurts this country.

I our media and academic elite have too I think. Both are so infiltrated with the left, that seems to have a singular goal of destroy this country within have poisoned the minds of our young, so that they do not know what being an American really is, and to make them think there is something wrong with our country fundamentally, when it is the left and decades of their policies that weaken us.

I heard that they want to stop calling ground zero "ground zero". Something about it being negative or needing to move on. Last I checked Pearl Harbor is still called Pearl Harbor, or will they rename that next?  We need to remember what happened there, least we all forget.

So, in closing of this remembrance, remember those that fell that day, remember to love you loved ones, and remember who our enemies are.

least we forget.

Mad Hat.


  1. Remember always and NEVER FORGET or FORGIVE!

  2. Indeed Odie, we should never forget, but unfortunately many do over the years. If only they would remember history better, we would not have to repeat it so often.

  3. My little boy was just a little over 2 when I was watching the live show and seen it played out before my eyes on TV. I remember a plane flying low over my house that morning and it scared the witts outta me. And even now when a plane flies lower than normal I have flash backs of that day and wonder if it will happen again.

    Thanks Madhat for the post~ I havent forgotton.

  4. @stopsign Most people with sense have not forgotten, but sense is a rare commodity these days it seems... not every one seems to have some. Maybe Barry needs to propose some stimulus sense? He can start by taking early retirement...