Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Went shopping today. With Father's day coming and Mothers birthday, I went to Books A Million. Now my mother being a rule breaker asks for a diet book that is nigh impossible to find. Yes, a diet book, for some reason it is a hobby of hers to read all the weird diet books out there. So There I am, looking at the diet section, scouring the shelves for this phantom book. I look over to the next shelf, and it is the fiction/literature section, and I start laughing thinking how appropriate it was to stick these two sections together, as most diet books are fiction in my opinion...

Next I am looking for some Percy Jackson books for my dad. He says they are in the teen section, which I guess most people think would be weird but they are about his speed and he has not been one for in depth dramas as most books seem to be these days. (That and I bet they have large print). So I am looking in the teen section, and all I see are these vampire books. Now I have not been in a cave or anything, so I know it is the current fad, but I just started realizing there is now a generation of women who idolize fictional men who sucks the life out of them and comes out only at night, whereas it used to be exceptionally buff guys who rescued damsels in distress. In essence, I think female standards for fantasies have gone down.

Anyways, next bit of insanity I had today was at work. Apparently an employee wants one of those sanitary disposable seat covers for the bathroom. Now I understand that sometimes people make a mess, but my thing is, you take a piece of toilet paper, and you clean the seat. If that is not enough to do the job, then either go to another toilet, or get something to clean it proper. Now for those who like to go on about the germs, I would like to point out that when you flush, it sprays those same germs all over the bathroom. Yes, the same germs you were worried would be on your precious hind end is now covering you all over. Second, if you don't clean up the mess that may or may not be there, and use the princess seat cover, you are still sitting on that same filth. Do you dare risk picking up that seat cover now that it has been exposed to the seat? What I am getting at is this, for as long as toilets been around, people have sat on them. If they were soooo deadly, that sitting on them and getting a germ or two would kill you, we would not be around to worry. Also, in this case, I am not talking about a dirty omg bio-hazard toilet, I am talking about a toilet that is cleaned regularly that honestly, I never have seen so much as a dribble on it. It is just some guy who is overly worried about germs or wants to make people do something because he feels he has no control over anything else so he acts like an arse over his arse.

Now as a disclaimer, I do believe in sanitation, I do wash my hands, but there is a such thing as over kill. For example, hand sanitizers. Now they do have their place, and they are great in places where you have to wash hands frequently like doctors offices and restaurants. But in this same aforementioned bathroom, there was in addition to the two wall mounted soap dispensers, but also one wall mounted hand sanitizer gel dispenser, and two pump bottles of hand sanitizer, you know, the big 1 quart ones. Why? Antibacterial soap is not enough? What in the hell are you doing that you need wash and disinfect your hands twice? Maybe the guy that wants disposable princess seats knows something I don't...

Okay, enough observations and rants for the day...


  1. You just can't imagine how excited I was to see a rant on bathroom etiquette.

    As you said below, you'd better get to work. You will notice we are a "family" in this blogging corner of the world. Keep it fun ... you're going to meet some really great people.

  2. So does this mean reading the book out loud to me is out of the question?

  3. @Odie Sometimes, things just irk me. I call them like I see them.

    @Supi only if I can add commentary of my own.

  4. Sounds to me like that guy has OCD with the toilet~

    @Supi~lol~ when's your birthday? Psst I won't ask your age cause I figure you and I both are STILL 29

    @Odie~Awww I knew you liked me :)

    Madhat~Thanks for the post~Welcome to the blog world :)

  5. Of course Supi is 29, and I am about 2 :)

    Thanks for the welcome.