Wednesday, June 15, 2011

12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

Well I decided to play with embedding videos. Here is a short one that shows a little bit of the museum I do occasional volunteer work for.

The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum is dedicated to the men who served in the 12th Armored Division which was formed in September1942 and deactivated in December 1945.

The Division itself only saw 5 months of combat, but in that five months they fought in many battles and were greatly feared by the Germans. They were also liberators of many of the death camps such as Hurlag, Landsberg and Dachau. They are also known as the unit that captured Werner Von Braun.

There is much more to their history, which can be read and

As museums go, this one is small in physical size, but it is packed with displays, photos, and even a few vehicles. They have a very active living history group associated with them, which gives historical presentations on various aspects on the war.

One more short video, this one has the curator and good friend of mine William Lenches speaking a little bit about the museum, and driving his jeep.

Hope y'all enjoy. Still getting used to writing these things.


  1. Your doing a great job! I enjoyed the videos.

  2. Glad you enjoyed. To be honest I don't know really who made the videos or why, just found them one day on youtube.

  3. Bill did a great job. You will have to razz Bill he wants to be the museum's youtube star.

  4. Thanks for the education Madhat.

    You're doing a great job here.