Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tom Thumb can now pack some heat.

Little novelty guns I first saw on Youtube (new meaning to "mini" gun) a while back. Often times they are made by European watch makers or hobbyist, guns like these fire 2mm pin fire rounds. Normally blanks, though they do make rounds with lead bullets too. So if you need to kill a cockroach with a very small gun, this would be it.

Now for those that know something about bullets, pin fire is a type of round where the hammer of the gun strikes a pin that then transfers the kinetic energy to a primer inside the casing as opposed to center fire where a firing pin on the gun strikes the primer on the back of the casing. This type of casing was popular in Europe in the mid 1800's until the advent of center fire rounds. Today pin fire is only really made for novelty guns like this that are too small for center fire and rim fire style cartridges, or hand loaded by people who have old pin fire guns from the period.

Keep your stick on the ice...



  1. It does give a hole new meaning to small. Let me know when they come out with a Mag. round.

  2. Did you swallow a micro bullet?

  3. Odie, great minds think a like, I was thinking that very same thing, they needed a magnum round for that calibre.

    @ Supi - No, these are 33% smaller and would not hurt as much as a darn kidney stone :)

  4. Rofl~ I think I just found a gun that I would trust my son to shoot. ( Funny Comments guys)

    Madhat, Sorry you have kidney stones, Hope they pass soon