Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's a small world after all

Short one today folks, but I found this funny video on Youtube. Seems less funny now that such devices are getting smaller and smaller... In fact today I read about a new do it yourself mini computer called the Raspberry Pi (must be made by Lonestar, only he would use Raspberry!). It is meant to be and educational computer to teach children and people in poor countries how to use and program computers, simular to the failed $100 dollar laptop project, but this thing is cheap (found one for like $55 on Amazon) and is the size of a credit card. Not a lot of features or power, but hey, simple and cheap is the aim here. It runs on the ARM architecture, which for non techies means it runs on a cell phone processor, so don't think you will run Windows on it (unless you port Windows 8 RT to it...) Just put in an SD card for your hard drive with the Operating system, hook it up to a TV (you know, like they did way back then in the stone age of PC's), USB mouse and keyboard and you are ready to go. I think I might get one, just because it would be cool.


Now the Computer guru of me starts thinking of making this little system into a very cheap dumb terminal (another stone age computer technique making a comeback). But then I started another terrible thought. Lets say if we give these things to place like the Middle East and Africa, I wonder what percentage of them would become bomb detonators,  or make shift missile control systems (because lets face it, people get real creative when they want to kill each other). Could such systems in the future be called assault computers? Think I am crazy, but but little devices like these and cell phones have more computational power than the now retired space shuttles. Makes one think...

I like to think the future is bright, it's just I hope it is the good kind of bright, not the fireball of doom kind.

At any rate, with one key keyboards, hunt and peck typing will be the the only way to go! ;)


  1. Wow, two days in a row. No pissing into the wind. I avoid politics as much as possible at Woodsterman.

    I gotta get me one of them miniputers.

  2. I know, they are cool, you can lose them in a seat cushion!