Monday, December 17, 2012

The Hat came back...

Long time, no blog. Been busy with work and life. Technically I no longer live in A-town, but moved to the big city of Fort Worth. I still travel to the space time vortex that is A-town often, so I think the blog here can keep it's name.

Lot of BS lately. I think the chem trail people have it all wrong, planes have diarrhetic  male bovines strapped to them covering everything in a thick sludge.

The one that is bothering me most at the moment is the shooting up in Connecticut. Never mind the fact that whenever some one breaks the law and kills some one, law abiding citizens get their rights threatened, but the media turns it into a circus. Let those poor people bury their dead before you bombard them with cameras. The sickos that run CNN and MSNBC and all the other news outlets could not wait to show off the madman who did this, and proclaim the weapons he used as the tools of satan, and politicize this thing. I mean it is no surprise, but it still pisses me off.

This isn't a time to politicize, to sensationalize, or report on every irrelevant fact about the gun man's life. It is a time to mourn. And if you really, really want to think about how we stop tragedies like this, I suggest we turn to the book that was used a lot to build this country. Yes, the Bible.

First, the Bible says (in Mathew chapter 5:45) that God sends rain on the righteous and unrighteous alike, which boils down to, bad things happen to good people (and bad people too). Main reason for this is when Adam ate the stupid apple, and brought sin and evil into the world and all man kind, but if you want a secular view, then it is simple to say shit happens. So, we have evil in this world, and when it is at it's worst, innocent people die. Now the Bible is full of encouraging stuff such as spiritual salvation, which I subscribe too, however, a lot of people don't, so it has some practical advice to extend one's stay here at hotel Earth.

in Nehemiah chapter 4 the people of Judah had a problem, they needed to build a wall to defend themselves from their enemies, but were also concerned that they would be attacked while working. So they armed their workers! They also setup some of the mean with heavier weapons and reserved them to guard, and had lookouts with trumpets. How does this apply today? Well we have phones and alarms instead of trumpets, and we have police to be the assigned guardians, but sad fact is, they can't always get there in time, even today. We need to be more proactive as a society. There are believe it or not school districts that allow concealed carry, although very few, for staff and teachers, combine that with a permanent  law enforcement officer at the school, and I bet these mass killings would either slow down or stop. I hate the idea that we have to have armed teachers and cops around schools, but in other countries, such as modern Israel, they saw the need to protect the innocent who can't protect themselves. But lets not stop there, how about taking off all restriction of where you can bring weapons? Let everyone effectively carry a "sword" or "spear" while they do their work, and any enemy who attempts to attack will at least think twice.

So, we acknowledge there is evil in the world, and we can take steps to protect ourselves, but how do we actually reverse this trend? I don't think it really can be practically, for two reasons. One reason is that both history and the Bible show that the world tends towards chaos and evil, the second is that if we were really were going to do it, we would have to pull together as a nation, and restore the ethics and morality we once had as a nation, and get the mentally disturbed the help they really need instead of handing them pills and setting them loose. This won't happen because there is a large part of this nation hell bent on dividing itself.

So, there is my frustration. No one really wants to fix the problem right, they just want to do band-aid legislation until the only ones free to act are the ones that go insane...

In the mean time, the six o'clock news bombards grieving people, saying that home schooling is a horrifying fact. Yeah, thats right, during lunch I was watching some news station (I ate lunch out and had no choice of the content viewed) and they had one of those screen scrawling things that scrolls through the same 10 tidbits all day long, this one with the title "horrifying facts turned up" one was that a fourth gun was in the truck, then a couple of other things, but the one that irritated me was the home schooling bit. Unless he was beaten senseless everyday being home schooled,  I don't think it really matters, but the media in some subliminal messaging bs wants you to associate horrendous acts with teaching your kids at home instead of being taught by the state... As George Carlin said, it's BS and it's bad for you.

So there, my first rant, err, blog in a long while, hopefully I will do a more light hearted one next.. My prayers go out to those hurt in the tragedy, and also to the nation, once indivisible, and seemingly, no longer under God, lets hope a miracle happens and we pull ourselves to the right way, or at least, a better path...


  1. Welcome back young man ... you were missed. I almost deleted you from my sidebar last week thinking you were done. Well, I kept you there and held out hope. You are an example of parenting done right, and bless your mother for that.

    When I was your age and younger these things didn't happen. People loved their fellow man and respected them. We've become a country of collective Mes.

    We should all pray for the human race.

  2. I didn't think I would go back to blogging myself for a while. To be honest I feel that talking about politics is like relieving oneself facing the wind.

    Bad things have happened throughout history, but there was a time when we saw them for what they really are, mentally ill people doing evil things, but society itself has become ill, and we no longer associate peoples actions with responsibility.